Here are the Riding Level Answers for Version 2 Howrse. For those of you thinking "Version 2 Howrse? What?" Well there's a Version 1 Howrse that was on a long time ago and then they changed so much stuff one day they decided to call it Version 2 Howrse. So in other words, these Riding Level Answers work right now in this moment.

Riding Level 1 Answers

Horses primarily eat;
If a horse is under 14.2hh, it is called a;
Horses usually live how long;
25-30 yrs
If a horse is afraid, it's first instinct is to;
Horses can live happily with goats,cows and sheep;
A horse can learn to mimic basic human speech?
Horses suffer when nails are tapped into the horns:
Horses can learn to do simple tricks:
Which one of these is not a gait:
How many nostrils do horses have:
Horses are not herd animals:
An adult female horse is called a:
Horses can provide their owners with exercise and companionship:
A hippy is:
Someone who refuses the social and cultural values of the consumer society
What noise do horses make?
Is the sea-horse a cousin of the horse?
When Ulysses built the Trojan horse, what material did he choose?:
Horses never get sick ?
What famous film has Robert Redford acting as a horse whisperer?
The Horse Whisperer
What is horses' favorite drink?
When I take my horse out of the meadow, I use?
A tether
Out of these magnificent animals, which ones have a horse's body?    
The unicorn
The hippogriff

Can horses vomit?
Can you mount a horse without a saddle?
Which one of these foods do horses not like?
Out of these coats, which one doesn't exist?

What is an adult female horse called?
A mare

Riding Level 2 Answers

When you tie your horse to a post, you should:
Tie a loose knot that will give if he spooks or runs
Horses that are frequently exercised need what? When leading a horse, you should walk directly in front of it to show it where to go:
A horse should have access to fresh, clean water at all times:
What is a curry comb
A tool made of rubber or plastic with short teeth on one side
A horse can get upset if it is separated from it’s herd:
Which season of the year would a horse need a Blanket?
When walking behind a horse, you should do which of the following?
Stand at least 6 feet behind the horse
Talk softly to the horse so it knows where you are
If a horse’s ears are slanted backwards, it indicates he is:
How often should a horse’s stall be cleaned if the horse is in it frequently?
When you clip or shave off a section of the horse’s mane right behind it’s ears, this is called a:    
Bridle path
What are some common indications that a horse is bored when left in his stall?
All of these
When walking behind a horse you should?
Talk to it softly so it knows you are there
What is the basic harness item you should use to move your horse from one place to another?
When leading a horse, you should walk directly in front of it to show it where to go?

Riding Level 3 Answers

If your horse is lacking minerals, what can you do to help add more minerals to their diet?
Provide a Mineral Block
Feed a Veterinary recommended supplement
Horses that are frequently exercised need what?
Increased protein
Increased carbohydrate
How many stomachs do horses have?  
Feeding your horse sugary feeds and treats can give them cavities in their teeth:
A horse that requires little extra dietary maintenance and maintains a healthy weight is often times called a:
Easy keeper
If a horse needs 2.2 pounds of hay per 100 pounds of body weight per day, how much hay does a 900 pound horse need in a day?
Pasture can provide your horse with an excellent source of fresh forage:
When your horse refuses food and water, looks around at their sides, paws the ground and tries to lay down often, what is wrong?
They have impaction colic
What is Founder?
Inflammation of the laminae of the hoof
What vitamin is essential for a breeding stallion to have in his diet?           
Vitamin A
Which feed or grain provides a horse with the highest amount of energy?

Riding Level 4 Answers

 What should you do if your horse has a bowed tendon?
All of these 
Horses born with SCID virus have?
No immune systems 
What animals do horses commonly contract Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis from?
What is thrush?
Infection of a part of the horses hoof called the frog 
Horses can be allergic to bee stings?
If your horse throws a shoe while you are riding what should you do?
Pad the hoof with cotton and wrap it 
It is important to de worm your horse at least?
Every three months 
What does Mud Fever cause?
Painful sores and scabs on the horse's legs 
If your horse has colic, you should allow them to roll
What are some signs that your horse may have West Nile Virus?
All of these 
What is the Rhino Virus?
Equine Flu 
What are some of the signs your horse has eaten a poisonous plant?
Difficulty breathing
Loss of interest in Food

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