Here is how you order custom Layouts from me: PM me the following Information (or write it here).

Username on howrse:


Title Text:


Text boxes (how many):

Text at the Bottom:

Other stuff you want on it:


Here is an example of one for you:

Username on Howrse: PocoHenny

Picture: White Pegasus flying in Sky

Title Text: Welcome to PocoHenny's Page

Colums: 2

Text bokes: 4

Text at the Bottom: Proud Quarter Horse Breeder

Other Stuff: I want the writing to be Pink/Purple colored

Now go to the Layout Page. The first one is the one this layout would look like if someone filled in there layout order like this.



    Layouts . . .

    I make custom Layouts for Howrse. I can make you one with your own Picture or some other picture. Please do not tell me "Suprise me!" or something like that. That is what the pre-made layouts are for.


    I do not ask for real money or equus for making you layouts, but I would appreciate a donation of around 50-100e depending on how much you have to offer. I will also take horses for a reduced price as payment or pretty much anything else.

    DO NOT send me real money.

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